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Questions answered by the Owner/Founder Brittney LaCree

Is Next Level Acting Studio a talent agency?

Next Level Acting Studio (NLAS) IS NOT an acting or talent agency. We are a full-service acting studio that provides actors with resources and tools to become working actors whether they are signed with a talent agency or not. I, Brittney LaCree, will submit qualified NLAS actors to be considered for representation during Agency Submission Week, and will assist and guide actors and/or their parents through the process of obtaining representation, auditioning, and booking roles.


Well if Next Level Acting Studio is not a talent agency then what is it?

Next Level Acting Studio (NLAS) is a “one-stop shop” for actors of every experience level! We offer a variety of different services and resources for on-screen film actors. We serve as the "middle man" between you and acting and talent agencies. 

When does Next Level Acting Studio doors officially open? 

NLAS will officially open its doors to the public for FREE Registration Consultations on May 23, 2022! Starting June 6, 2022, the following services will be available: Group Acting Classes, Private Coaching, and Industry Consultations. All other services will be available starting late 2022. Feel free to stop by during business hours and say "hi"! Our address is 2097 Trade Center Way, Suite C, Naples, FL 34109.

How long has Next Level Acting studio been around? 

Next Level Acting Studio is new. Established late 2021 and the studio opens to serve the public June 2022. But I have been working with actors and building relationships with agents since 2016 so now I feel it is the right time to do what my true passion is and that’s seeing other actors pursue their dreams and become successful in their acting career. 

If you are not a talent agency, how will you guarantee we can book jobs?

There are no guarantees in life, much less the acting industry. I can’t force a casting director to book an actor, nor can I force an agent to sign an actor, but what I can do is make sure that every single actor who trains at and steps foot inside  Next Level Acting Studio is equipped with every single tool they need to be successful in the industry. The key is consistency, not giving up, working on your craft daily, and selling yourself as an actor. And submit, submit, submit. Actor’s will be submitting themselves, with the help of a NLAS team member if needed, to multiple casting breakdowns and hopefully landing many auditions. The demo reel and headshot that the actor will receive at Next Level Acting Studio will set them apart from most beginner level actors and will put actors in the categories with professional actors. The competition is tough, but an actor’s drive, ambition, and audition tapes have to be tougher. 

How do I get my acting career started?

We offer a FREE Registration Consultation! This can be done in-person or virtual. Click here to book your consultation time.

What services will you offer and when? 

NLAS offers a variety of services for actors of all experience and age level. For a complete list of all of the services we offer click here. The following services will be available starting June 6, 2022. Group Acting Classes (open to all actors ages 3 and up), Private Coaching, Industry Consultations, and Audition Taping. Other services such as Headshots and Demo Reels will be available late 2022 as actors begin to build their Actor Portfolios. The "Parentgers" Course, Filmmaking Course, and Actor Workshops will also become as we see the demand increase for these services.  

When do services such as audition taping, headshots, and demo reels start? 

As NLAS grows and our actor's needs increase, we will begin offering Audition Taping, Headshots, and Demo Reel Services.

Most Studios Charge over $350 a month for Monthly Unlimited Classes. Why are you so cheap and how do we know we are getting great quality if the prices are so low?

As the daughter of a single mother who devoted her life to sacrificing for her children and going without so that I could pursue my love of the entertainment industry, I vowed that when I was able to open my acting studio, i would be as affordable as I can be without skimping on quality instructors, resources, and equipment. I guarantee you that at Next Level Acting Studio, we care about each actor's career. We want to see you succeed, and if you are not stressed about the cost of training and other acting services, you will train better. Perform better. Audition better. And BOOK! Which is what we want to see. 

How is monthly class tuition handled?

Monthly class tuition is due on the 1st of the month and will be charged to the payment method that you provide on your JackRabbit parent portal profile. Your monthly tuition allows you to attend any and all group classes for your age group in that given month and it is non-refundable. For example, if you choose to attend 1 class or 16 classes in one month, the tuition is still the same. You do not receive a refund if you miss classes or choose not to attend at all. You will not be tied to a contract and may cancel your monthly tuition at any time, however, if you do wish to cancel we will need a 30 day written notice. Please ensure that you let us know as soon as possible if you will be withdrawing and no longer wish to attend classes.


If tuition is not received on the 1st, a $25 late fee is applied on the 2nd and $10 a day after that until the 5th of the month. On the 6th you will not be allowed to attend classes at NLAS until you account is current.  


There is a $35 charge for all returned payments. And if you have a returned payment, you will not be allowed to use the credit or debit card that was used for any service offered at NLAS for 30 days.


Your tuition will be prorated if you start any day after the 1st. For example, if you start on the 15th and are in the adult class, you would pay $125.00 for the month and the next full tuition payment will be due on the 1st.  

Who will teach the classes? 

I will! And other vetted and qualified individuals who have a passion and love for teaching the art of acting. All NLAS team members will be required to pass a background check screening and drug test before they are hired. I have developed a curriculum that ensures that actors will be well-prepared and equipped to be a working actor the film industry. 

What happens if we have bad weather or God forbid another pandemic happen? Does the studio shut down?

This is the million dollar question! This was the first thing I thought about when deciding to finally open Next Level Acting Studio. 2020 changed a lot for everyone. The “virtual movement”, as I like to call it, made us all realize that being at home doesn’t have to stop the show. In the event that an in-person class has to be cancelled for any reason, the class will still meet virtually. I don’t believe in cancelling classes and/or services unless there is no other option. 

The studio is closed for some holidays and for a week during Spring break. Do we receive prorated tuition? 

No, you will not receive prorated tuition. Everyone will pay the regular amount each month. To balance this out all actors who are enrolled in group acting classes also receive one (1) FREE Audition Taping Session (up to twenty (20) minutes in length) per month! And I also offer FREE agency submission services. 

I do not like my headshots or my demo reel. Can I receive a refund?

All actors will select the headshots they want to use before they are edited and the final headshot is sent back to you. You will be required to approve the final headshots when they are delivered. If you see that the headshot still needs revisions, you will have the option to have the headshot re-edited one time free of charge. The Demo Reel scenes will be sent to you for your review and approval. Once you approve the final draft edit, we will send the final edit to you. 

What COVID precaution measures are in place?

COVID precaution measures can be found here.


What do you teach at NLAS?

I don’t believe that one particular technique can make you a well-rounded, formally trained actor. I believe that the “tools” an actor is given allow for that! Every actor is uniquely different, and that’s the beauty of being an actor. There is room in the acting world for every type of look, personality, background, talent, and interest. At Next Level Acting Studio, we integrate a wide range of acting categories into our classes such as cold-reading, scene study, commercial technique, improv for the film actor, sense memory and many more. Once you have all of the tools you need and you have a thorough understanding of the craft of acting, you’ll become the best actor you can be!

Why should I choose to train as an actor and utilize the services at Next Level Acting Studios?

Well, location for one! Next Level Acting Studio is the ONLY full-service on-screen acting studio in Naples! No more driving to Orlando or Miami or feeling like you can’t start you or your child’s acting career because there is no place in or close to Naples to do so. But besides location, the intensive acting training and acting resources that will be provided to you at NLAS will dramatically shape your acting career. 90% of your acting career will be acting with other people. To effectively work with someone else, you must have your own ability and confidence to stand alone in your craft. This will not only allow you to properly feed off of someone else, but allow them to feed off of you. Knowing who you are as an actor will help you stand strong when working alongside other actors. NLAS teaches you how to find your voice and how to use it, or how to not use it, in a scene. Learning how to tap into yourself to pull real and raw emotion to create a story that people BELIEVE is the most important job an actor has and the actors at NLAS will be trained on how to do just that. 

Are food and drinks allowed in the studio?

No outside food or drinks will be allowed to be brought inside the studio with the exception of water which should be in a clear container with a lid. No other outside drinks are allowed to be brought inside the studio. Snacks, bottled soda, and bottled water will be for sale in the studio and you are welcomed to purchase these items with cash or a debit or credit card.


What can you promise and deliver?

Formal and quality training. Acting classes and services that are designed for every actor who trains or utilizes services at NLAS to succeed in the TV and Film Industry.NLAS is a safe, judgement free, supportive atmosphere. I, and all of the NLAS team members, will ask and expect a lot of you because we believe in you! The training and services available to you at NLAS will give you the tools you need to succeed, but the rest is up to you! I can promise that you will that I will submit actors to agencies when they qualify for me to do so, but I will not and can not promise that you will be signed your first time or even your second or third time submitting. After you press submit, it’s up to the agency. I have no say so in who they decide to sign and when they decide to sign an actor. But I can assure you I will do my part to get you seen by reputable agents and help you submit and land auditions and hopefully book acting jobs. 

How will you handle refunds and cancellations?

Any services that an actor needs to cancel will be rescheduled or provided virtually if possible. In the event that the service has to be canceled by an NLAS team member, you will receive a NLAS Credit which must be used within 6 months of the date you received the credit. Any and all refunds will be in the form of NLAS Credit which must be used within 6 months of the date you received the credit.  


Tell me more about the hair and makeup services?

Hair and Makeup services will be provided in-house by professionals. Every actor will be able to see the work of the hairstylist and/or the makeup artist before their shoot day if the actor requests to do so.

Who will shoot the headshots? 

Qualified photographers who I know without a doubt are able to meet my extremely high expectations for actor headshots. 

Who will shoot the Demo Reels? 

Myself and other production professionals whose talent and work prove that I can trust that they will do a fantastic job with production quality every single time.

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