Manage Your Child's Career the Right Way

Do people tell you all the time that your child should be on TV?

Your child has expressed an interest in acting, but you aren’t sure what you need to do to make that happen?

You want to help your child break into the acting business, but you aren’t sure where to start?


The most important person a child actor needs in their corner on their acting journey is their parent(s), or the person(s) who plays that role in the child actor's life. The acting industry is a scary place if you are unprepared, lack knowledge, and are uniformed of the correct things to do as the parent of a child actor. Many parents are unaware that they play a huge role in whether their child is successful in the acting industry. “Parentgers”, is the 4 week virtual course designed to help you take your child to the next level in not only their acting career, but in life. Brittney has worked with and directed hundreds of actors, a lot of them being child actors. She’s seen first hand how parents can ruin chances that their child could or should have had because of the parent’s actions and lack of knowledge about the acting industry. Don’t be the reason your child does not sign with an agency,  land auditions, or book roles. Take the “Parentgers” course to learn what it means to manage your child's acting career in a healthy and professional manner. Become a “Parentger” in the acting industry and show your child how important it is to not only have the talent and drive to have a successful and sustainable acting career, but to have knowledge and a concrete understanding of the business. 


The Honest Truth About The Acting Industry & And Marketing Your Child As An Actor


  • Breaking into the Business. Where do you start? 

  • What not to do as the parent of a child actor. 

  • What you should do as the parent of a child actor.

  • Headshots

  • Resume

  • Demo Reel

  • Acting Classes

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