Brittney LaCree


Brittney LaCree McWilliams was born on October 3, 1989 in Dallas, Texas. She developed a love for God, serving and uplifting people, and entertainment at an early age. Some would say she was destined to be a fighter and survivor the minute she came out of her mother’s womb prematurely and overcame a severe infection that put her life at risk.


Growing up in a small country town in Texas known as Teague, or “Tig”, as the locals call it, Brittney LaCree was the prime definition of a small town girl with big dreams. She has always been a “go-getter”. She received a key to the city of Teague, Texas which was presented to her by the mayor, and on October 29, 2005, she was given her own day, Brittney McWilliams Day. 


During her college years, Brittney LaCree served as a missionary in Haiti, mentored and served underprivileged youth and young adults. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies with minors in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice, which would later help her in her journey as a Screenwriter. 


In 2013, she embarked on her most frightening, yet extremely rewarding, adventure when she became mother to a handsome son named Cason. Despite the hardships she knew single parenthood would bring, she vowed to never give up on her dream of making entertainment her full-time career. With her family’s unwavering support, she continued to be resilient and pursue her dream and goals. 


After graduating with her bachelor's degree, and with less than $800 to her name, Brittney decided to take the biggest leap of faith of her life. After being signed with an acting agency, she and her son, who was two-year-old at the time, moved four states away from all their family and friends so she could pursue her dreams of becoming an actor and continue her mission to give her son the best life possible.


Brittney LaCree began the journey of a lifetime when she crossed over from Actor to Filmmaker. She wrote, produced, and starred in her first television show titled “Living Vee”. She later did the same with her second project, an intense television drama titled “Torn”, which captured the attention of Leverage Management, Mark Wahlberg's production company. In 2019, she began the incredible and inspiring journey of completing the first season of her latest project, “Intentions”. Brittney LaCree was faced with unimaginable obstacles and harsh criticism during the production of “Intentions”. Most people would have given up when faced with the trials and tribulations she has faced and continues to face, but not Brittney LaCree, she continues to defy odds and be the fighter she always has been since birth.

Brittney has worked with and directed over 150 actors and has played an instrumental part in many actors being signed by agencies.  


She is the CEO of her production company 84 Productions, and is the author of her self-published memoir, “Not That Girl: A Tell All Memoir” , and the songwriter and vocalist of her first country music single "Right Back".


Brittney LaCree designed and released the Intentions Series App, designed exclusively for her television show “Intentions”, which integrates social media and video streaming platform elements. This is the first app of its kind. 


In late 2021, Brittney began to put her ultimate plan in motion. Once again, breaking barriers and proving that nothing is impossible with dedication and faith, she opened doors of the first full-service acting studio in Naples, Florida, Next Level Acting Studios, in May 2022. There is no doubt that Brittney LaCree will become a name that people in the television and film industry will come to know and respect.

If you ever meet her, be assured she will greet you with open arms, a bright smile, a country accent, and her signature dance moves.

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