Covid Guidelines

Guidelines for Next Level Acting Studio. Keeping our Actors and Team Safe and Healthy!


All Next Level Acting Studio team members will receive Covid-19 Training prior to teaching any class and our studio will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and end of each day, as well as sanitized after each session and/or service.

  1. If any class size exceeds 6 actors in one class, another class will be added to maintain the ration of 6 actors per class. 

  2. All actors will be required to take their temperature with a No Touch Thermometer, and answer Covid Screening Questions at check-in. The temperature is required on the Covid Screen Questions Screen.


  3. All actors and team members must sanitize their hands at one of the hand sanitizing stations before starting classes and/or services. Frequent hand sanitizing will be reinforced when you arrive at the studio and while actors are present in the studio.

  4. After check-in is complete, parents of children 8 years old and older wishing to stay will need to wait outside the studio or in their car. Any billing or enrollment questions can be answered by emailing or calling us at 239-610-3432.This applies to all classes. Only one parent or guardian per child or sibling group unless prior arrangements for two parents are guardians to attend have been made.


​  5. All actors should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. All actors should cover their cough and/or sneeze with a tissue or elbow.​​

  6. There will be no sharing of unsanitizable props (for example, food), snacks, or other personal belongings.

  7. Classes will be staggered for ease of arrival and dismissal of classes. Parents may not enter the building when their child is dismissed. Parents will need to meet their child at the door of the studio.​


 8. If any actor, parent, or team member is sick they must stay at home.

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